Vlad Filat

Vladimir Filat is a Moldovan politician, the Prime Minister of Moldova since 25 September 2009.

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Vladimir Filat (born May 6, 1969) is a Moldovan politician, the Prime Minister of Moldova since 25 September 2009.

Education and early career

Vlad is the second child of Maria and Vasile Filat and was born on May 6, 1969, in Lăpuşna, a commune in the Moldavian SSR. Alongside his two sisters (Ala and Valentina) and brother Ion, Vlad grew up in a part of Lăpuşna called "Talcioc". In 1986, he graduated from high school in his hometown. Between 1986 and 1987, he worked at the school radio station until he was called up for military service. He carried out his compulsory military service in the Soviet army (May 8, 1987 – August 15, 1989), in Simferopol and Sevastopol.

From 1989 to 1990, he studied at the Cooperation College (Kooperativny technikum) of Chişinău, going on to study law at the University of Iaşi (1990-1994). As a student, he was the leader of the "League of students from Bessarabia in Romania", an organization formed by Moldovan students in Romania. In Iaşi, among his classmates was Alexandru Tănase. While he was a student in Iaşi, he met his wife Sanda in the autumn of 1991; they dated for only three months before they got married.

Between 1994-1998, Vlad Filat initiated and conducted more business in Romania. He was general director of "RoMold Trading SRL" in Iaşi (1994-1997) and the president of the Administrative Council of "Dosoftei" company in Iaşi (1997-1998).

Early political activity

Filat was a member of the Democratic Party of Moldova from 1997, when the party was founded, until 2007.

Having returned to Moldova for good in 1998, he was appointed general director of the Department of Privatization and State Property Administration from the Ministry of Economy and Reform of the Government of the Republic of Moldova (1998-1999).

He was a State minister in the Ion Sturza cabinet of Alliance for Democracy and Reforms from 12 March 1999 to 12 November 1999.

In 2000, Filat was elected Vice-President of the Democratic Party. In the 2005 parliamentary election, he became a member of the Moldovan Parliament. Until March 2009, he was Vice-President of the Parliamentary Commission for Security, Public Order, and Defense. He was also a member of the EU-Moldova Parliamentary Cooperation Committee.

He ran for Mayor of Chişinău in the 2007 local election and won 8.32% of the vote, in fourth place. Soon after the local election, in September 2007, he left the Democratic Party after ten years of political activity inside the party.

Filat has been the President of the Liberal Democratic Party of Moldova since December 2007.

Moldovan parliamentary election, 2009

In the April 2009 parliamentary election, his party won 15 seats and in the July 2009 parliamentary election PLDM became the second party in the country with 18 seats and the first party within the Alliance For European Integration.

Alliance for European Integration

After the July 2009 parliamentary election, alongside Mihai Ghimpu, Marian Lupu, and Serafim Urechean, Vlad Filat signed the Alliance For European Integration in a press-conference on August 8, 2009. Towards the end of August 2009, he became the candidate of the Alliance For European Integration for the post of Prime Minister of Moldova.

Prime minister

The Constitutional Court of Moldova confirmed earlier on September 17, 2009 the legitimacy of Mihai Ghimpu's position as Acting President of Moldova, which gave him the right to nominate a prime minister. On the same day, Ghimpu signed a decree nominating Filat for the office of prime minister. Earlier on September 17, the parliament approved a new government structure; according to the draft structure, the number of ministries remains unchanged at 16 but their names and responsibilities have been changed.[1]

The Alliance for European Integration gave a vote of confidence to the new government headed by Prime Minister Vladimir Filat at a plenary meeting on September 25, 2009.


Filat has divorced Sanda Filat in August 2012, psychologist, and they have two children: Luca (b. 1995) and Iustina (nickname Tina, b. 1999).