Abdullah Ensour

Dr Abdalla Ensour is a Jordanian politician.

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Country of ResidenceJordan
Date of Birth1939
Place Of BirthSalt
ReligionSunni Islam
TitleHead of Government

Dr. Abdalla Ensour is a Jordanian politician.

Ensour studied at the American University in Beirut and in the USA, and obtained his doctorate in Paris. He was first elected Deputy to the Jordanian Parliament in 1989, and in 1992 and has served continuously ever since. His first ministerial post was as Minister of Planning (1984). He then became Minister of planning again in (1985); he also served as Minister of Education (1989); Minister of Foreign Affairs (1991); Minister of Industry and Trade (1993); Minister of Higher Education (1996); Deputy Prime Minister[1] and Minister of Administrative Development (1997); and Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Information (1998) as assigned by His Majesty the King, in the parliament in the lower house of representatives in 1998-2001. Until this date, Dr. Ensour is a Senator in the Jordanian Parliament and Chairman of the Board of Trustees in Al-Zaytoonah University of Jordan.

Dr Ensour is also Governor of Jordan to the World Bank, Deputy of Jordan to the International Monetary Fund and Deputy Permanent Delegate to UNESCO; he sits on a number of boards including the Arab African Bank, Nuackchott (President); the University of Jordan (Vice-President); and the French Universities' Graduates in Jordan (Hon. President).