Abd Rabbuh Mansur Hadi

Abd Rabbuh Mansur Hadi is a Yemeni politician who is the President of Yemen since 27 February 2012.

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Country of ResidenceYemen
Date of Birth1945-09-01
TitleHead of State

Abd Rabbuh Mansur Hadi (Arabic: عبد ربه منصور هادي‎[needs IPA] Arabic pronunciation: [ʕæbd 'rɑb:ʊh mɑn'sˤu:r 'hæ:di:]; born 1 September 1945[1]) is a Yemeni politician who is the President of Yemen since 27 February 2012. He was previously the Vice President from 1994[2][3] to 2012. Between 4 June and 23 September 2011, he was the Acting President of Yemen while Ali Abdullah Saleh was undergoing medical treatment in Saudi Arabia following an attack on the presidential palace during the 2011 Yemeni uprising.[4] Then, on 23 November, Hadi became Acting President again, after Saleh moved into a non-active role pending the presidential election "in return for immunity from prosecution." Hadi was "expected to form a national unity government and also call for early presidential elections within 90 days" while Saleh continued to serve as President in name only.[5]

Early life

Hadi was born in 1945, in Thukain village in Abyan, a southern Yemeni governorate. He graduated in 1966 after receiving a military scholarship to study in Britain, where he also learned to speak English. Then, in 1970, he received another military scholarship to study tanks in Egypt for six years. Hadi spent the following four years in Soviet Union studying military commanding. He occupied several military posts in the southern Yemen army until 1986, when he fled to Sana’a with Ali Nasser Mohammed, president of South Yemen, after Ali Nasser's faction of the ruling Yemeni Socialist Party lost the 1986 civil war.[6]

Political career

He became Vice President of Yemen after Ali Salim Al-Beidh resigned and lost the 1994 civil war. Hadi was appointed by President Ali Abdullah Saleh as Vice President on 3 October 1994. Before his appointment as Vice President, he was briefly the Minister of Defense.

President of Yemen


Hadi was the sole candidate in the presidential election that was held on 21 February 2012. His candidacy was backed by the ruling party as well as the parliamentary opposition. The Election Commission reported that 65 percent of registered voters in Yemen voted during the election. Abd Rabbuh Mansur Hadi took the oath of office in Yemen's parliament on 25 February 2012. [7] He was formally inaugurated as the president of Yemen on 27 February 2012, when Saleh resigned from the presidency and formally ceded power to Hadi.[8]

Internal security issues

From his early days at office, President Hadi advocated fighting Al-Qaida as an important goal. In a meeting with British Foreign Secretary, William Hague in his first days at office Hadi said "We intend to confront terrorism with full force and whatever the matter we will pursue it to the very last hiding place".[9]

Another security issue he is busy with is the Yemeni military which suffers from a sharp division, since Major General Ali Mohsen Al-Ahmar defected in late March 2011 in the midst of protests demanding Saleh's ouster. The military services protests extended to the Republican Guard – based in the south of Sana'a – when dozens from the Fourth Brigade closed down southern entrances to the capital city and demanded the firing of the brigade's commander, Mohammad Al-Arar, and his general staff.[9]